Physical and Digital Assemblages 2.0


Abstract. We think of physical and digital space of the city as assemblages, that is to say as a multitude of components and entities that interact with each other forming each time a different assemblage, depending either on the scenario or the relational model. The identity of each assemblage as it is constituted from the changing properties / desires of its components, it can be itself changing and certainly different from the other assemblages.
The integration of ambient intelligence to (architectural) objects is a concept relatively recently adopted. This new perspective leads to a new materiality as it integrates ambient intelligence technology in the materials of the construction. “In such a perspective the impact of the computer may more accurately be described as a reshaping of, rather than an estrangement from physical experience and materiality”.
The proposal presented here is integrated in the wider field of the “smart cities”, considered as “innovation ecosystems empowering the collective intelligence and co-creation capabilities of user/ citizen communities for designing innovative living and working scenarios”.
The goal was to create an innovative scenario, a city- mesh that is integrated to the existing city network and assemblages the experience of city users and the prospect of sustainability with social interactions and collaborative participation. This mesh would activate existing urban space, public and private, and invent a layer of “social learning hubs that facilitate cultural creativity and user innovation”. Furthermore, guided from the concept of Living Labs is seeking areas in the wider Athens area to enhance the micro-construction activity through parametric and interaction design. Living labs are considered as “user-driven open innovation ecosystems, promote a proactive and co-creative role of users in the research and innovation process”.
This approach focuses on encouraging the creation of local organizations for the local needs and common management of the operations, services and resources. Through a multitude of innovative, small and local initiatives, the collective consciousness could be awakened and encouraged by creating communication channels between the existing and the emerging assemblages of the city. Through the notion of open and commons-based production, sensor technologies, data sharing, and urban design we’ll draw “lines of flight” among city’s assemblages, among both intensive and extensive characteristics of emergent social practices.
Keywords: assemblage, parametric, interaction, innovation ecosystems, living labs, smart city, sustainability, commons, social hubs.



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